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>echo intro
Hi [%username | Valued Repl.it User%],
Welcome back to this week's edition of the Repl.it newsletter! In this week's edition:
  • Join the Repl.it Game Jam!
  • Experiment with PyGame and GUIs on Repl.it
  • Check out the Repl Highlights
  • Join the Repl.it Discord
  • Grab some Repl.it Swag
Oh, and if you're curious, the language used in this newsletter is bash...
>echo gameJam
awesome gamejam art
The game jam officially began today, and we're already seeing dozens of submissions! The contest ends on April 18th, with an entire bitcoin as the prize (think of all the altcoins you can get with a single bitcoin).

We have judges, we have sponsors (thanks Satoshi's Hunt!), and now that we've got some awesome games already submitted, we want to see yours too! Read more about the competition, or get straight to sharing on the Challenge board itself.

Not sure how to make a game? Our board for tutorials has you covered!
>echo replitGraphics
pygame in action on Repl.it
Just a second reminder that our Graphics and GUI languages (Pygame, Tkinter, Love2D, Java Swing) have been released in an open beta! Try the languages out and let us know how they work. You're encouraged to also use them to develop games for the Game Jam! Get started with any of those languages here: Read more about the Open Beta announcement here, and be sure to give us your feedback.
>echo replHighlights
at repl.it, we're all about the classics, including retro DVD idle animations
Welcome back to another week of awesome repl highlights! Here's a summary of the highlights from the last week: All of these repls can be found in the Highlights repl talk post. Want your project featured? Share it on Repl Talk!
>echo replitDiscord
funny mee mees totally ripped from /r/programmerhumor
Joining the Game Jam but need a partner? Find one in the Repl.it discord server! Otherwise, join anyway and share memes*, argue pointlessly about which programming language is superior, or just be part of a wonderful, welcoming, helpful community.

Join the fun today!

You can join the Repl.it Discord server via this invite link.

*share memes that have a wide-format! Tall memes don't work well in this newsletter. I'm resorting to stealing from the top of /r/programmerhumor
>echo replitSwag
We've been getting a lot of requests recently about Repl.it shirts - they're very much available and very much yours! Grab your intriguing, slightly-cryptic shirt now! We don't really make money on these; we just want you to be able to have them.

Find the shirt at our TeeSpring store!
>echo closing
As always, please feel free to give us feedback on our feedback boards!

The Repl.it Team